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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  June 14, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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akyra murray's family described the last time they heard from her before they got the tragic news that they did not survive. what he said to her as she laid among the dead, waiting to be rescued. >> plus, shocking new details about the gun man's past, what is being said about omar mateen's history, at gay clubs and using gay dating apps. love conquers hate, from philadelphia city hall, to the nba finals.
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>> big story is traffic. >> a septa bus crash that happened on the schuylkill expressway. the bus reared ended one car and then they all started slamming into each other, sue. >> so, as a result, we've got, all lanes of the schuylkill everybody just getting by on the shoulder here. you can see the bus, we see the turn signal lit on the bus. maybe they were trying to change lanes or something, smashed it into this truck which then smashed the cara begins the median strip. so, we have a huge backup, on the schuylkill expressway, eastbound as a result. gaper delay on the westbound side as folks slow down to see what is going on. >> tow truck is fast. >> that is true. >> other good parties we have no reports of any injuries, believe it or not, even in that maroon car. >> eight cars involved. >> right. >> and one of the mini buses, too. >> yeah. so this is a while before they
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clear this up near girard avenue on the eastbound side where the accident is, heading into the city this morning. so that will slow you down, and find yourself involved in that accident this morning. two minutes after 7:00, we will check weather, it is flag day, june 14th, so, what a perfect day to fly the flag and whatever else you're doing today a ten out of ten in weather by numbers. buddy celebrating as well, mostly in the 60's, off to a nice start. been a mixture of sun and clouds which made for a beautiful sunrise, and it is looking good right now. you can sea breeze moving camera just a bit, 10 miles an hour out of the north and 63 degrees is our current temperature. hugh you midty 52 percent. 59 degrees in allentown and pottstown. still in the 50's in lancaster. sixty-four in wildwood. atlantic city international airport at 61. we are looking at a flag day that is perfect, back to the high temperature of 80 degrees
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and nice, long day as well, mike and alex, sunset time is not until 8:31 this evening. >> 8:31. >> yep. >> okay. >> 7:03. we will continue to learn more about the man who carried out the attack on pulse nightclub in orlando killing 49, injuring 53 others, this morning, there are reports that shooter omar mateen visited pulse the night club several times over the years before the attack. maybe dozens of times. he had used a gay dating app and chat app to talk with one regular at the club. there are also reports including one from the wall street journal that he eyed downtown disney as a location for an attack. the report sites law enforcement sources but fbi says they are still working to confirm all of that. and all 49 of the victims have been now identified and this morning there are chilling accounts of what happened inside that club from those
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who survived. >> one of the survivors is one of our interns fox 29 and philadelphia native patients carter. we have been telling but her and fact that she was shot in the leg. so many of you have asked how she's doing. we want to give you an update. she's recovering after having surgery. she was shot in the knee and operated on the night of the shooting. her family tells us she's in stable condition this morning and we are all praying for her speedy recovery and thinking of her, for sure. >> well, patients told us that she was at the club with two of her friend and this morning, one of them is giving a chilling account of what she saw while hiding inside of the bathroom, at that club, face-to-face with the shooter. >> talking about tiara parker, she went to west philadelphia high school, chris. >> reporter: those two young women are recovering today in an orlando hospital here. they are among the 593 injured victims of the pulse nightclub shooting, they were with akyra murray when she was shot and
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held hostage. you were talking about tiara parker from southwest philadelphia, she spoke with us with murray's parents outside the hospital, parker and murray were the 18 year-old west catholic graduates were killed, they were with her at the club with fox 29 intern patients carter. parker tells us, that the three hour ordeal, that she says, that she came face-to-face the with the mass murderer, she says all three young women were huddled in a bathroom, taken hostage by gunman omar mateen and parker tells news her own words about that terrifying encounter with the killer. >> this was all hostages in the bathroom. the hours i'm laying in blood. i got peoples body fragments on me. i seen him peak under the stall and look me in my face. from then on i thought my life was over because not too long after that he said something about him having another bomb to take out a city block.
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>> reporter: parker and carter once again remain in stable condition at an orlando hospital. parker was shot in the stomach. patients carter shot in the knee. as you can imagine, not just the physical scars, guys but emotional toll of this shooting this incident, of course, will last a lifetime. >> undoubted. >> how could you ever get that out of your mine. >> just hearing what she saw and the fact that she looked him in the eye. >> thought she was dead. akyra murray was a promising student athlete from west catholic high school here in philadelphia. eighteen years old. she was kill in the shooting at pulse. she graduated just last week, that is why they were down there to celebrate her graduation. as we said she was all set to go to mercyhurst college on a full athletic scholarship. she was a great basketball player. now we're hearing from her devastated mother and brother who spoke to akyra during the horrifying ordeal.
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they were on the phone with her. >> that disbee leave. >> she was on the phone with me and my mom, screaming i have been shot, bleed ago lot, i need to you get here now. always protecting my sister and my cousins. i'm the only boy in my family. i always protect all of my girls. >> akyra's basketball teammates from west catholic were at that vigil last night in center city by city hall. they led a procession that circled city hall one time. school in west catholic continues to mourn looks of akyra this morning. so now joining us is west catholic principal jim gallagher. >> principal gallagher, thanks for being object good day philadelphia first off, tell us about akyra? >> akyra was an outstanding young lady, she had great dignity, character, really respectable and respectful towards everybody in the the
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building. she was a stand out athlete but you could not tell by the way she carried herself. she treated every member of her community, teammates, classmates, faculty and staff with just so much respect, and it is just such a shock to lose somebody like that. >> when you talk about her and type of person that she was i thought it was interesting she encouraged some of the teachers there at the school. >> we have a theology teach shore came on as a substitute toward the end of the year, and any new teach their comes in struggles a little bit, students trying to get to know him and trying to get to know students and akyra would take time after school to actually sit down and encourage him to keep doing what he was doing because they appreciated it. >> she kind of helped you too when you came to west catholic. >> absolute hi, within the first couple weeks i was here walking around the building, i didn't know too much people. akyra was here with her basketball team. we got to talking about locker room, was hoping to build for
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the girls. she was every single time she saw me after that made me feel welcomed as if i belonged here and i had been here for a while. >> she was so talented. not only was she very smart, third in her class but so talented when it came to basketball. a thousand point shooter. even some of the stuff she signed for mercyhurst but she had to switch positions in order to help out her team. >> that goes to show, you know, how much team player she was, starting point guard but went down with an injury last summer and akyra knew she would have to, you know, pick up the slack a little bit and she practiced so much on her ball handling skills. as a power forward she came out and played point guard all year and was able to lead to us a district championship and score the thousand points. that shows her dedication to her teammates and willingness to do what she needed to do to help them win. >> i any a coach that said he is taking this very hard as we can all imagine. we saw the team last night. have you talk to them?
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how are they holding up. >> reporter: they came in yesterday really heart broken as anybody would, really shaken up and they spent time together sitting together at mid court yesterday in the basketball gym and they left smiling and remembering all of those great things and those experiences that they had with akyra and it was really fantastic. coach owake holds herself up in teaching the girls to carry themselves with dignity, and that is the first thing, sports man ship. >> interesting because her dad used those exact word too last night that she had great character and held herself with great dignity. >> absolutely. >> grief counselors, are you guys out of school or grief counselors still going to be on campus. >> we were fortunate yesterday there were no students on campus. today or juniors come in and we have sophomores and
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freshman come in days afterwards and we will have counselors available for each group that comes through the school and we are planning a vigil prayer service at the school so everybody can come together as a community. >> let us know tea tails about that but there air lot of west catholic alumni saying i graduated years ago but we are all still a family. >> absolutely, that is one thing you hear a lot is family and a tragedy like this hits every single one of us, whether they graduated last year, ten years ago, 20 or 30 years ago, this is one big family and it has impacted all of us a lot of fame as you alumni from weskits lick weighing in. >> thanks, principal gallagher. >> absolutely. 7:11. well, now to this developing story, a young woman said to be in her teens, early 20's, died instantly after being involved in a hit and run in northeast philadelphia. >> you can guess where this happened? the boulevard. woman was violently tossed on roosevelt boulevard in a
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crosswalk, this is where it intersects that angled street adams street, steve is at that intersection, steve? >> reporter: all right, mike, you and i talk about this so many times. the boulevard is more like a drag strip of death, people fly way past the speed limit. the speed limit here is 40. watch this buick, see what they are doing, they are veering off on to adams avenue. you can see both vehicles have light and pedestrian has the light. you can see vehicles flying off of the boulevard, because they are just coming from a stop light they are in the coming as fast as they would the in the middle have the night when this happened right before midnight but it is dangerous out here. here's our video. she hit crosswalk and tossed 200 feet then out of her shoes and her earrings even, and all she haddon was a cell phone. police didn't know her name or how old she was because she had no identification on her. the seventh deadly hit and run already in 2016, alex and mike and arrestness two of them. odds are these people are
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getting a way witt. maybe they know that. that is why they are taking off. how this van the got away with a smashed windshield is beyond me but all they know is according to witnesses a white or silver older van, ten or 15 years old with the smashed windshield and smashed front end. >> smashed front end, keep an eye on her, let's get this person. 7:13. pennsauken a person riding a bicycle will was killed after being hit by a car. that is not the right video there sky fox was over the scene last night on route 130 and north park drive, before 11:00 last night. there it is, authorities have not released information yet on the victim but a car hits a bicycle. 7:13. the life of marlton native and singing sensation cristina grimmie remembered as hundreds of people gathered for a hometown for a vigil last night. >> she was 22 years old. cristina was gunned down after a concert in orlando friday night during a fan meet and greet. right after the concert. she was a you tube sensation
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and finalist on that hit tv show the voice in 2014. cristina graduated from cherokee high school and attended fellowship alliance chapel in medford. before she and her family moved to los angeles for her singing career. those who knew cristina's life spoke well of aspiring star especially her brother. >> she loved this town, she loved this state, she loved singing, she loved the lord and she loved me. >> when you lose a shining star that was only 22 years old throughout her, and had her life ahead of her and she was living her dream because she work so hard for it, it is devastating to all of us. >> cristina's funeral will be in medford at the fellowship alliance chapel, church, and adam le vine who coached her on the show the voice, has paid for her funeral. coming up at 7:15. as we have new details emerge
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about the tragedy in orlando many are wondering what they can do to help the victim. >> in the wake of the shooting, thousands flocked to blood banks to donate blood. something a sexually active gay man cannot do. the ban has caused outrage among the lgbt community. >> state representative brian simms posted this message on his facebook page that reads gay men are still banned from donating blood, please go to your nearest blood banks and donate for us. another man posted this, again urging others to donate on behalf of gay men who can't. there are conflicting reports because some people in orlando say they lifted the ban on gay men giving blood and then blood donation center said the ban is still in place. >> we have brought in doctor jay, from philadelphia fight, what is philadelphia fight. >> philadelphia fight is a large community based organization that provides care to people living with hiv
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as well as those at risk for hiv. >> is that situation in florida same in philadelphia, gay people cannot donate blood. >> it is national f.d.a. regulation. >> f.d.a. >> f.d.a. >> and so then there are conflicting reports saying it temporarily lifted the ban that was all false. >> that was all false. >> why can't gay men give blood. >> there is historical perspective here, unfortunately in that when hiv was recognized as a cause of aid back in the 80's, the f.d.a. instituted policies that there were several groups who were known to be risk group for hiv were banned from donating blood. last year, after about five years of convening various policies they modified the ban for gay men but it is still exists for gay men who have had sex with another man within the past 12 months.
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>> you have to be honest about that. >> you have to fill out a form. >> there is donor screening that goes on at the time of donation. >> when they get units of blood don't they go through certain test, could they not get tested if they have hiv. >> they do, indeed, and the testing has gotten much better. so one of the worries, back in time was that there could be a donation of blood, for people were unaware of their hiv status, and because testing was in the as good that you would miss that individual. >> okay, i see. >> testing has improved to the pint where you can now detect, virus within nine to ten days of the time of infection. >> you know if that trueness fusion bloodies ready to go and pure. >> pretty much. >> you can lie about being gay on the form? you could lie about last time you had sex? correct. >> correct.
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>> so is this going to change. >> so i think that within of the things that our regulators have to realize and thinks where advocacy can play a big role is that this is a policy that on both face value and when you look at it on paper is really not necessary anymore. there is in reason to single out the group of gay men. >> if we had a disaster here in philadelphia, you would need all of the blood you can get. >> fact that so many people were willing and to not be able to. >> that is right. >> look at that line, that was in florida, look at the that line, it went on, some people waiting seven or eight hours. ironically, interesting to some people, june is aids education month. >> that is correct. i mean there is a whole series of things. >> thanks very much. >> thank you very much. >> 7:18. we are getting updates on the accident that is happening on the schuylkill, sue? >> yeah, still backup on the eastbound schuylkill expressway where that was the site of an eight vehicle chain reaction accident probably
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about half an hour, 45 minutes ago and you can see folks are only getting by on the shoulder, so at this time of the day on the eastbound schuylkill expressway into the city a huge backup has ensued. eight vehicles involved. no reports of any injuries. it is still taking a while. tow trucks are there getting two of the vehicles, the truck, and the car that was smashed up against the median strip out of the way but it will be a while before that situation is resolved. make sure you avoid it. we hear about a new accident on i-95 northbound just past kerlin street and that his left lane blocked. folks are slowed down there as a result of that accident. take it the easy on the roads this morning a lot of sun glare out there. that is a good thing, weather-wise with sunshine. 7:19. looking at temperatures walking out the door this morning. sixty-three in philadelphia 60 in reading. sixty-six down in dover. forty-nine in mount pocono. because these wind are coming
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from the north we have low humidity today, so another delightful number ten, flag dade and plenty of festivities to enjoy here in olde city if you have an opportunity. weather could not be any better than that. little will more tomorrow. we will have increasing included in the afternoon getting ready for some rain possible on thursday, maybe lingering in to friday morning but so far, fathers day weekend, mike and alex, is looking good. >> good. >> thanks, sue. well, eagles big star gets a raise, a big raise, fletcher cox signs a big extension, howard eskin will talk to us to break down all of the numbers in this deal.
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all right. 7:23. let's talk big money, baby. look at the inquirer in the sports section. sachs of cash because we want him to get sacks and we will pay him to do that. >> yes. >> and the back of the daily news, don't get a big head now, you have a big contract,
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howard eskin, is this guy for real. six years, 100 million. >> 63 million guarantied. >> the 63 million guarantied is what you have to look at. it is hundred million could be hokus-pokus money but is he worth it? it is a great question. in today's sports i don't know if worth the money they are getting paid. we don't have enough time on the show to run down the list of players that are probably over paid. you can look at ryan howard, at the end, is he worth it? no, he is not. fletcher cox is one of the top three players at his position, in the nfl. there is no question about that. so right now, as far as a player, he is really, really good. do eagles need him? yes. when you pay somebody that much money, in a sport where players do get hurt, and you hope he doesn't, he has had some back problems a couple years ago. you are stuck 63
7:25 am
million-dollar. but, it is the right thing. he is the highest, think about this, the highest paid defensive player, or non-quarterback in the nfl in the history of the game that is amazing. but he is really good. it is credit to howie roseman who i know there is a lot of people, and i was one of them, is he good enough to take that job back again. he has done, i think everything right, there might than a few small things you may not agree with. he has done everything right this off season and they had enough machine toy sign fletcher cox who by the way i never thought this would be a problem when he stayed out of mini camp. his agent called me out on the radar when he said it was over 60 million guarantied. this is the same contract he was offered two months ago, and it is the best contract, and he was going to get ape right now best contract for a defensive player of guarantied money wise in the nfl. >> when you say he is good, and he will be a power house.
7:26 am
>> yes, their defense will be better for personnel they had. it is easy to criticize chip kelly now that he is gone. i think he is a smart football guy, but he did things based on the way that his strength, what he wanted to do where doug pederson and his coaches are basing them on the players they had and with the 4/3, he will be really good in this 4/3 defense. eagles defensive will be will be better because of that. >> howard, you suck. i was getting prepared for the roast on thursday, what exactly will happen now at the crystal tea room. >> wait a minute, it is crystal tea room thursday night, angelo cataldi will get roasted, people will roast me. is it anything that is different then what happened in real life or on twitter. i mean really, it is maine life every day. it is just another day and the
7:27 am
life, and i expect to get buried. it is my life. >> special addition of knocking the king. >> that is for sure good over hours and i'll be there. see you there, howard. >> thanks, alex and mike. >> how brutal that will be howard eskin and angelo cataldi. >> i love howard. >> you better in the go then. >> all right, jen, what is going on. >> big birthday today. >> we're hanging out, big birthday, we have the big guy here, army's birthday which station are we at right now. >> we have got this. >> here we go. >> and now, good. we will tell you what we are doing up next, it is all kind of people here, including the under secretary of the army, himself, you know him.
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senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. police are working to identify a woman hit and killed along that dangerous road roosevelt boulevard at that intersection with that ankling street adams avenue by 11:30 last night. witness described vehicle as white, silver older model minivan, the driver is still, on the loose. 7:30. lets get an update on the weather with sue. >> yeah we are taking a look
7:31 am
the at bus stop budd think morning, flag day, pretty nice weather, temperatures in the 60's to get you started on this tuesday morning, and live look at the airport there, and temperature is 63 degrees with the 10-mile an hour breeze out of the north. that makes it not so humid, relative humidity 52 percent there. we are indeed off to a cool start this morning. as we go north 50 in hazelton. fifty-nine in pottstown. moving further south in washington township 64 degrees. sixty-four in ocnj, lewis delaware up to 67 degrees and sunshine every where for your flag day, expecting a high temperature of around 80 degrees, mid 70's at the shore today, just lovely perfect weather there. in the so perfect on the roads this morning. we are talking about a problem on the schuylkill expressway with a chain reaction accident, we had about eight cars, we understand involved in this accident and now instead of folks getting by on the shoulder, we are getting
7:32 am
by on the left lane, eastbound schuylkill expressway just before girard avenue, several vehicles have been moved away, now they are working on moving that septa bus involved out of the way as well, right there in the center lane, only one lane gets by still a horrific backup there but things improved on i-95 northbound, just past kerlin street we had a blockage of one lane, everybody is getting by, the accident has been moved to the shoulder but as you can see from that map there i-95 northbound around kerlin street very slow in delco this morning. >> it looks like schuylkill is almost cleared up. >> they have to get that out of there and then we are much better. >> hopefully bus can still move ape roll itself out of there. >> 7:32. check out the cover of the daily news. they sent one of their report tours see how fast that she could buy an ar15. from the time she got out of the car to the time that she got back in the car, seven
7:33 am
minutes. >> ar15 is the weapon used in the nightclub massacre, college shooting in oregon, movie theater in colorado and elementary school in sandy hill, connecticut. it is designed for one thing, that is to kill. >> it is also apparently very easy to get as the cover of the daily news just showed us. the ar15 or a variation of the ar15 is one of the most popular rifles in the united states. i believe at this point, 8 million people own them in the united states of america. so, here's more about that gun. at just over 500 bucks for a base model, the ar15 is a big seller. according to adam, from king shooters supply in king of prussia. >> it is one of the most popular target rifles in the world. >> reporter: scan the internet and you'll fine you tube videos that show why variations of the ar15 were taken off the mark for a
7:34 am
decade but a salt rifle ban of 1994. today, they are legal again, to the dismay of gun control advocates. >> so with us we have john, a former secret service special agent trains police around the world. >> welcome to the show. >> good morning, thanks very much. >> military, military weapon. >> that is correct and law enforcement. >> how does it switch into civilian use. >> very popular weapon. easy to use. gun manufacturers can sell them that is what it is all about. you are seeing ridiculously increased, numbers of stock exchanges for weapon manufacturers now. people have survivalist mentality for some reason. >> how does it work, do you have to pull the trigger over and over or just squeeze it and it fires off 30 round. >> the military and law
7:35 am
enforcement version of the ar15 you can go, there is a select or switch on it which will go from safe meaning you cannot fire the weapon to single action, which means one bullet per pull. military and law enforcement versions they go to another select or switch command which is full auto. >> that squeeze. >> that is one trigger pull and you are firing 30 rounds in three seconds. >> that sound like what was happening in orlando. >> he would have modified his ar15 to a full auto cape built. the version of the ar15 that he purchased just several days before according to the records now was most likely a single action capability weapon but i can fire off single action with multiple
7:36 am
trigger squeezerrer per second and get rid of those 30 round in 15 seconds. >> when he says there has been reports he purchased it a couple days before does that highlight how easy it is to use that he got it a couple days before. >> the ar15 is a successor to the f-16 which is used in vietnam. our army guys in the jungles of vietnam used it because there was a light weight easy to use weapons system that actually when it was manufactured part of the stock was made by matel, the toy maker, because it was so light weight and easy to use. so now it is so popular because it doesn't take a whole lot of skill set to go in and be somewhat proficient. >> sadly that is why mass shooters use it. >> when you look and i'm crossing over lanes now and i don't want to to that but when you look at the psychological
7:37 am
profile of those mass shooters in sandy hook, aurora at the batman premiere and this individual, i am sure will come out when they do psychological profile all three of them were psychotic. when you talk about crossing over to the skill set, used to be proficient to be weapons systems, you don't have to be. i can teach anybody in here to use that weapon system in 20 minutes. >> law enforce. says there is 8 million out. >> horse is out on the barn when you talk about practicality of it where we're at right now, and how do you recall 8 million ar or ak's. >> where are they made. >> there is multiple manufacturers in the united states, all over, all over the united states. >> john, good to see you. >> thank you very much. >> learned a couple things there. >> 7:37. >> touching moment to start game five of the nba films last night how they paid
7:38 am
tribute to the victims of the orlando nightclub attack.
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after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it's something you earn. brookside. talk about delicious.
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report have also game five of the nba finals, teams pause todd pay tribute to the victims of the orlando shooting... the night started with that moment at oracle arena in oakland to honor those who lost their lives. and then they turned the lights on and played the basketball game. golden state was playing without dray green who was suspend one game for a little altercation with lebron james in game four. lebron went off, in oakland. there is andre iguodala. lebron scored 41 points and added 16 rebound, listen to this, his teammate khiry irving had the same score, 41 points. the cavilers took care of their business, big time last night with the 112-97 win. so those two guys combined for 82 of the 112 points.
7:42 am
>> so late at nine i stayed up to watch the beginning. warriors will win. the eye wake up and said calves did it. >> they had a big fourth quarter. >> and it will be on thursday night, so i guess we will have a pennsylvania yam apart i night. >> stay up late. >> here's the thing, in team has ever come back in the nba history from a three-one deficit. >> can lebron take through. >> we will find out thursday night. here's jen. >> it is the birthday of the army. >> happy birthday. >> okay. so what we did is we did our lap, and new we are back with all of our stations, kind of warming up in place, yes, yes, yes, the under secretary is here, so is robert irvine. come on, it is the birthday.
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our tuesday morning trouble has been on the schuylkill expressway eastbound just near girard avenue. we have the left lane getting by, as they try to clear up this septa bus and whatever else is remaining from an eight vehicle chain reaction accident that happened a while ago on the eastbound part of the schuylkill expressway, so it is very slow go and then on the westbound side have been slowing down inevitable gaper delay, so, that is what is going on there. also later this evening traveling around stadium complex area you may notice
7:46 am
extra traffic because of of copa america mens international soccer game tonight at 8:00 chile verse panama happening right at lincoln financial field, so if you see some extra traffic around here, that is why. we will talk about the excellent forecast for everything that is going on in this flag day coming up in five seconds 7:46. if you are spending the day at the shore today expect a land breeze for you and plenty of sunshine n fact uv index is nine, so you will want to apply and reapply that sun screen today. rip current risk is low, surf temperature 65 degrees, still chilly and wind will shift from north to southeasterly at 5 miles an hour, temperatures right on the beach there in
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the mid 70's, looking good. 63 degrees in philadelphia right now, 50 in mount pocono. sixty in reading. fifty-eight in lancaster. dover delaware in the mid 60's, same in wildwood, new jersey. wind still coming out of the north, again we will see a shift later on in the day and that will give us more humidity tomorrow but not today, we will have just a little included cover mixed with the sunshine expecting flag day high temperature of 80 degrees. eighty-five tomorrow with increasing cloud, showers, cooler and then in the mid 70's on thursday and upper 70's on friday. we will talk about 81 degrees on saturday and 82 for fathers day sunday. shore temperatures should be in the mid 70's, all week long, alex. important that we are checking our weather on friday because we're taking over another town, we will get to northeast philadelphia, this friday we will be live from 1:00 to 10:00 at franklin and frankford avenues in mayfair. so meet us out there 7:00 to
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10:00 a.m. best part you can win a car. sign up to win a brand new mazda cx9, all you have to does head to fox and click on the contest right there on the home page, red ban their says event tore win here. we will pick a finalist once a week. we picked a finalist during our live show, so from northeast philadelphia we will pick one next friday. we will round them up. on our final show july 22nd at the dell in east fairmount park and someone will drive away in that beautiful cx9. here's where we are headed. quakertown coming up, wildwood, wilmington, haddonfield. >> get ready. >> get ready. >> by the way, we have announced one of our performers at the dell, kindrid the family soul perform live for you and there will be more as well. >> we better have good guests. >> today is a big day for the army. >> it is.
7:49 am
they are celebrate nothing philadelphia their 200 and forty-first birthday. >> they brought a lot of folks to meet up with jen at the national constitution center. >> so here's the situation, it is army a's birth the day good morning. >> good morning, hi everybody. >> we have met you with 17 different titles. your new title is under secretary of the army, or as they call you out here the under. >> back here with the army sold their i served in iraq with and taught at west point and great to be back on the army team. >> what are they doing here, different stations, nine stationness all. >> what are they what are we doing. >> okay. >> we're working out this morning at independent mall. we are coming in today and then here, we will be doing a stars and stripes festival, here to celebrate the army's birthday. >> so there is a thing in the army called earning. if you are deployed, and worst conditions you still get cake on your birthday. >> that is right, it is,
7:50 am
everyone wants birthday cake but you have to earn that cake, you have to work out, pt, physically train to earn that cake. >> we have rocky here. we also have the sergeant major, right. >> the sergeant major of the army. >> yes. >> you can tell he is sergeant major because he has the haircut of the army. >> yep good but your haircut gives you away. >> why is that. >> perfect haircut. >> you look very army fantastic. >> thank you you for your service. >> pennsylvania native. >> how did this guy get in. >> this guy jack irvine is a true friend, soldiers of soldiers, and deep down, if i give him a call and say i need help or doing something fun for them, chevies always there. >> these guys are unbelievable. all of our men and women in the army to do every day to keep us free. look at these guys, they do more before 9:00 o'clock then anybody else on the planet. great leadership. sergeant major, youngest sergeant major in the army, 42 and he is kicking my butt.
7:51 am
>> no one kicks your butt, except for this guy. >> here's what we are doing now. you hold microphone. >> this will be funny. >> get down there. >> all right. >> so this is a proper push up, army push up. straight up, straight down. up, down. even the under secretary has it done, eighth second airborne. >> this is the best. i get to to nothing and they get to work hard. >> you can put your knees down if you want. >> no. >> what is my next one. >> her we go. >> okay. are you going to repel with us. >> i am going to repull. >> only half way. >> i think i'm doing okay. >> smile, smile. >> i'm into it. >> arms too high, very well.
7:52 am
>> because there is only half, you do the half. look here, you will look there and look this way, yes. >> just because he is bronze star doesn't mean you have to be mr. perfect all the time. keep going. you are going to repel. are you going down. >> yes, i am i am not out of breath at all. i will see new a little bit. happy birthday army. >> don't forget later on good day philadelphia, that woman right there that blonde woman with the inappropriate pants. >> why are they inappropriate. >> and robert irvine famous chef, they will repel off of our building, this is what four stories. >> oh, geese. >> who plans these things. >> she has repelled off of another building she repelled off a 40 story building. >> aren't they doing this
7:53 am
different. >> some will go face down, she will go butt down. >> that is where i'm like face down good they will get face down while shooting. >> new pennsylvania law that may change how you strap in your children in the car. >> what it says and how much it could cost if you break the rules. >> wait until you see this, parents, listen up, it is important for your children to get enough sleep but now new guidelines per age. doctor mike will slip into bed with either me oral -- or, alex and delineate those new rules.
7:54 am
7:55 am
one american park is larger than yellowstone, yosemite, grand canyon and glacier national parks combined. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state.
7:56 am
♪ you can find it all only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at a brand new guideline for parents to come to knowing just how long, sleep your children really need overnight. if you want their attention to be major and you want their learning to improve, listen up. doctor mike joins us with the brand new guidelines.
7:57 am
doctor mike, alex. >> sorry, sorry. >> hi. >> you know what they say, you should get eight hours of sleep. when do we get that. but i thought everyone whether you are young or old eight hours is the same. new we are learning we might need more. >> it depend on the age, alex and looking at these new guidelines, that came out yesterday, they state unequivocally that you need to get enough sleep depending on the age of the child. >> lets get through ages, then start with the babies, infants, four months to 12 months. >> twelve to 16 hours per day. incredible but you need to have that amount of sleep for your child. >> that is a lot of sleep,. >> once they get to sleep their brains are developing, it is very important. >> one to two years old. >> eleven to 14 hours of sleep, per day, and that includes naps good okay. >> three to five years old. >> ten to three hours.
7:58 am
>> ten to 13. >> and six to 12 years old. >> nine to 12 hours. >> wow. >> and finally when it comes to the eight hours a day which we have been hearing all day, what about the teenagers. >> eight to ten hours. sleep deprivation leads to behavior problems. other issues, learning problems and i'm telling you with mike, my goodness, pillow talk. basically with my kid, and i have seen this with my little daughter, amy, who is being traumatized at this right now, but what you find is that she is the little darling unless she's sleep deprived and then she turns into reagan from the exorcist. >> reagan, yeah. >> now we're spooning. >> so what about adults. >> adult need to get about eight hours, seven hours, it depend but the thing is we as a nation are not getting
7:59 am
enough sleep and that is leading leading to obesity, high blood pressure, depression and significant decreaseness your overall health. >> two hour nap and about five hours overnight. >> you smell good-bye the way. >> thank you. >> can you split it up. >> only 33 years old and it seems like it is having an affect on me. >> you know, if you take a nap you don't want to take a nap for american 30 minutes because then you get into rem sleep and disturb are your rhythm. some companies actual a how you to have nap time but don't do it for more than 30 minutes. >> we should do that at fox. >> is there room for me. >> oh, yeah. >> sure. >> this is a kid friendly show. >> i want to talk about 177 fighter wing, i took the cub scout pack out this weekend, colonel brad everman and
8:00 am
sergeant mostly and senior air men carp. they were all there see pictures of the cub scout with the f-16, they are lear owes, i love those guys. love them. 177th fighter wing air national guard in new jersey you guys rock. >> pretty cool to me. >> excuse me, guys. >> watch this. >> june 14th, 2016. >> the hours, that i laid in blood. >> chilling word from a woman simply out to have a good time with friend, when a gunman opened fire. her cousin also a local high school graduate with a promising future, is dead. >> my cousin, she got hit in her arm, and got hit, please,
8:01 am
please, please. >> what she said as she waited to be saved. >> i thought my life was over. >> smoke up in force to remember a rising star from south jersey. >> ♪ friend family and entire community honored cristina grimmie but how a mega star singer is helping her family in their time of need. keeping kid safe in their car, new pennsylvania law that may change how you strap in your children and how much you'll if you break that rule. >> a birthday fit for a solder, the united states army turns 441 years old. jen is celebrate nothing a big way this morning. >> and we have repelling weather. >> it is perfect for a repel,
8:02 am
propelling. >> yes. >> wind is down. >> wind is not as high as it was yesterday, low humidity, a ten out of ten for a fine day. the bus stop buddy is also celebrating there. we have short sleeves on today, 60's, out there to get your day started, at the airport we have 63 degrees with a 2-mile an hour breeze out of the north, not extreme. fifty-two in mount pocono. in the 60's in lancaster, trenton, allentown as sun gets higher in the sky. sixty-six in wildwood and dover delaware at the atlantic city airport it is 63 degrees. plan on sunshine all day long, just about perfect with a high of 80 degrees and 8:31. we have plenty of time to enjoy beauty of this day. beautiful thing to see schuylkill expressway as they move into traffic, moving again eastbound near girard, they have cleared all eight
8:03 am
vehicles away from that chain reaction accident from earlier. it is smooth sailing both directions i-76 east and westbound this morning as we go to i-95 northbound just past kerlin street that accident has been moved to the shoulder but still very slow, in that part of the delaware county as it is every morning as follow action approach the airport. >> 8:03. a young woman, people say was probably in her late teens, early 20's is dead after a hit and run along the intersection of roosevelt boulevard, at adams avenue this happened 11:30. she didn't have any id. she was walking across the street and talking on the cell phone when she was hit and thrown about 200 feet. witnesses describe the vehicle as a white or silver older modeled minivan, and cannot give you the exact brand of car. heavy front end damage though apparently, that driver is still on the loose.
8:04 am
well, coming up at 8:04. here's what we know about the man who carried out the attack at pulse nightclub in orlando killing 49 and injuring 53 others. the most of them young adults. omar mateen attended pulse club before the attack and used the april jack. they saw mateen there at least a dozen times. there are reports, including one from a wall street journal that he eyed downtown disney as a location for an attack. reports site law enforcement sources but fbi says they are still working to confirm. that other publications claim he had recently visited the park with his wife. investigators say is there no evidence that the shooter was directed by isis, but no we're hearing some of his chilling words, through a survivor. >> he said it is nothing personal. aim just tired of people killing my people in iraq. >> of course that woman is tiara parker from philadelphia and she's one of the people who survived, from the night club shooting there.
8:05 am
she was with one of our interns, patients and her cousin, akyra murray. patients our intern. they spent three hours inside pulse nightclub during what is being considered the worst mass shooting in the u.s. history. >> there is patients. she has a budding music career as well as wanting to work in television. >> she's singing and showing her love for philly. >> is what the update? i heard she was shot in the leg that night. >> well, she underwent surgery and she's in stable condition right now. she's expect to be okay. chris o'connell, you are in orlando and you spoke to patient's friend last night. >> reporter: yes, these are two young women, alex, that will to have live the rest of their lives with that terror that they went through in that nate club. they are also going to have to deal with the loss of their cousin and their friend.
8:06 am
tiara parker outside the hospital, detailed those horrifying encounters inside that night club. thirty-nine with men from philadelphia, in orlando for a family vacation, went to pulse nightclub, they wanted to go dancing. when they were about to leave that gunman stormed in and started shooting, the three women were all shot, they were all taken hostage and laying together on the bathroom floor, and their own blood nor three hours. tiara park shore was shot in the stomach spoke about that rescue. akyra murray died in that shooting. whether he police stormed in, all as tiara called about was her cousin akyra who was losing blood and she described that chaotic moment of the rescue. >> we were putting our hands up. they asked us again if we have any weapons. we didn't have have anything. i kept telling them my cousin was laying on my lap. i was able to get myself under
8:07 am
her. i said please get her, she's breathing, please get her. please get her. don't worry about me i can walk. please get her. my cousin, she's 18, she just turned 18. she was a dam baby. she was a baby. i said she just graduated on money was just at her grad ways. >> reporter: parker along with fox 29 intern patients carter remained at this orlando hospital, they are stable but they really want to get akyra's story of how good a person that she was. we're hearing lots of stories of these victims. i just learned of one victim, a 49 year-old mother of 11 who went dancing with her 21 year-old son. they went there every saturday night. and now, that woman is dead.
8:08 am
just countless stories, now 49 funerals being planned today. >> my god i had not heard that one. >> i hadn't either. >> well, if patients, thanks, chris, wants us to talk about her friend more lets do that. the youngest of all 49 victims is that girl. >> eighteen year-old akyra murray, she just graduated high school, was third in her class and she was in orlando vacationing with her family and friends. so davis standing by at her school west catholic prep where she was a star student and a star athlete. >> that is right. >> reporter: we have learned from talking to the principal in the the last hour that akyra actually graduated in a class of 45 seniors, and they were the first group of seniors at this particular building. just very close. you can imagine how much tighter they were on the basketball team. there is so much shock here, ever since members of the student body and the community here at west catholic prep found out about this days ago.
8:09 am
we can tell you that 18 year-old akyra murray one of the victims killed in the pulse nightclub shooting n that night of terror held hostage three hours inside that club she was in panic and fear and she died after being shot in the arm, she was in academic an athletic all-star. she graduated third. our team led by chris o'connell, in orlando, spoke with her heart broken family. >> she was just a phenomenal, probably best child you could ever ask for. never any issues with her in school, honor roll, no troubles on the street. she was perfect. she followed the rules. only thing she didn't do is clean her room but outside of that she was a phenomenal child. i could not ask her for a bet are child. >> carried herself with dignity and character, very respectable towards everybody in the building. she was a stand out athlete but you could not tell it by wait she carried herself. she treated every member of the community, teammates,
8:10 am
classmates, faculty, staff with so much respect, and it is just such a shock to lose somebody like that. >> reporter: principal gallagher in his first year in west catholic prep, says there is no way to deal with the situation like this. in center city, akyra's basketball teammates were very emotional last night. akyra was blank to attend mercyhurst college on a full scholarship and just signed a letter of intent. so more devastation in the sports world, the college sports world, high school sports world and, of course this community here, back to you. >> when we talk to the principal gallagher earlier this morning he said west catholic prep they are a family. graduated years ago, they are all feeling it this morning and all saddened by it. >> that high school has been there a long time. owner of the florida gunshot where omar mateen bought the weapons used in the a tack says he is devastated
8:11 am
by the deadly shooting at pulse nightclub. he says he sold the two guns to omar mateen legally in his store. authorities combed the inside of the store as part of the ongoing investigation into the shooting. the store owner says he followed the law when selling the guns to mateen. >> he passed the background check that every single person that fires a firearm in the state of florida under goes. let me say that again, a fullback ground check was performed by florida department of law enforcement, in coordination with their agreement with the fbi, however they conduct the background. >> that guy right there is ed hanson, he owns the store, a former nypd detective with 20 years of service on that force. he even worked during september 11th terrorist attack. the atf confirmed his statement that mateen purchased the weapons, legally. how can this be prevented? we're talking about club
8:12 am
safety and security. plus is what being done here in philadelphia at our clubs, our churches, our theaters, our stores, our sports venues. showing up in force to remember a rising star from south jersey this happened on friday, in orlando. friend, family and entire community and others come together in our area to honor cristina grimmie but that is not all how a big time singer is helping cristina's family in their time of need. man: life gets so busy with work, and it's really hard to just kind of put that all aside and sort of focus on having fun or playing, even. hey, playing is a lot of fun. ♪
8:13 am
hey, playing is a lot of fun. i am banking assistance and registration technology. hello! it's our new intern, bart's first week here at td bank he's a robot from one of those other banks. we're training him to bank human. he has a lot of bad habits from his previous bank. we'll make it our mission to change that. hello account holder number 000-2738-4873 we'll teach him that customers, aren't account numbers... bart, this is tod. ...and that even though they aren't customers, dogs are always welcome. take your time. he'll learn that, even the smallest of human touches, can go a long way... hey bart, the pens are free. oh. ...and that we have longest hours than other banks. wait, wait, wait.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. sixty-three in philadelphia. fifty-two in mount pocono. we are in the up are 60's in dover. mid 60's in wildwood. wind continues to blow out of the north. not as windy as yesterday but it keeps humidity low when we get that dry air, copping in out of the north. we're expecting a lovely day with a high of 80 degrees. eighty-five tomorrow. mid 70's on thursday. upper 70's on friday. we have got rain in store for thursday, might link inner friday morning, we are hoping not, we're working on it.
8:16 am
saturday and sunday so far, so good, for the fathers day holiday weekend. so that is a look at your seven day forecast on this flag day. we will check traffic for you, the situation has cleared up on the schuylkill expressway but the backup has not, so even though with 15 to 20 minutes ago they have cleared all vehicles from the eight car backup chain reaction accident i should say the backup continues all the way past conshohocken, is eastbound in the city, they are bearcally at a crawl this morning, mike and alex. >> all right. 8:16. we are getting more tea tails by the minute about the 49 people tragically died, as well as those who were injured at that pulse nightclub. >> we are also hearing more about the gunman who committed this horrific act. what we're not hearing about the security measures, if anything, that were in place at the club. >> there was only one off-duty orlando police officer who were working there to make extra money at the club reportedly working at that gay
8:17 am
nightclub every now and then. when the gun man started shooting, it is still not clear how suspect managed to get an ar15 rifle in the building in the first place. no metal detectors. no pat downs. should we assume there were no medal detectors in orlando. how about a bag search, if so, why not. >> just a few questions that we have, this is for ed, an owner of philadelphia nightclub security training. here to answer that for us this morning. >> ed, good to he sue, how many different clubs to you work with in philadelphia. >> last county of have, high 30's. >> high 30's. >> there is a lot. >> i have been teaching since 2,000 before the philadelphia bouncer law was passed in 2012. so in 2,000 i started teaching clubs just for liability sake and operator that want to dot right thing. >> what is the law.
8:18 am
>> the law states that bouncers have to go through a two decors. it has to encompass alcohol awareness and management. it has to encompass first aid, basic first aid at least. then we have to go over the legal role of the bouncer, procedures, tactics, crowd recognition and front door measures. >> so when it comes to front door measures were you surprised we know there were 300 people inside pulse nightclub they only had one security guard at the front. >> i'm absolutely baffled that a 22-inch, ten and a half pound weapon got into that club along with a handgun. >> there were no pat downs. >> obviously not. i don't think there was anything. i don't want to assume. first of all, i cannot express in word how horrible this was. i can't express how bad i feel. these are peoples children. this is 50 people or 49, these
8:19 am
are parents waiting to hear whether their children are alive or not. there is some explaining to do here. there were obviously no measures taken. that club was, that gun was either in the club or it went into the club. >> what i think happened some people are saying now he was in the club mainly with people for hours drinking and talking to patrons and then goes out at closing time, goes out to his car, gets these weapons and then runs back in the front door, past the one officer because he started shooting people in the parking lot and officer return fire. so what do we do here in philadelphia we have got all these different clubs that are jammed packed, do we pat down here. >> some do, some do. some are very good. i got to tell you mike, some have walk through metal detectors, you walk through you beep, you empty your pockets and they wand you. is there a polite what had to do. that there is ways to check your bag without reaching your hand in there.
8:20 am
men should in the ask a with man let me see your purse and reach in the purse. women don't want a man seeing what is in their purse. at the same time you have to take every precaution. there is no over doing it as far as keeping your patrons safe. >> what do some clubs, sometimes you go in and they do a flashlight in the purse, sometimes someone paths you down, why do they have different measures and some decide to do this way and others decide to do it the other way. >> some feel if they are taking measures at the front door they are sending out a message that it is an unsafe place. they dent want to set that precedence. if you are in line to get in a venue and you see guard patting people down would you feel better or worse if you knew you were going to get patted down. >> i would feel better because i don't have a gun on me. >> in this day and age watch the news for god sakes. i would feel much better. there is nothing thaw can rule out in this day and age. it took 50 kid getting killed
8:21 am
for to us finally think about this. i mean paris didn't wake us up. >> when you think about getting into nightclubs, we have long lines, people try to hurry up, get in, that kind of thing, do you think there is just so many people and they were trying, i don't know what it is like to stand at that door and check every single purse. >> it is a case by case basis. i can see where if you have a line of people and need to get them in the door it is a time factor but if you do a random frisk and show the rest of the people in line that you are taking measures, anyone with a gun most likely with any common sense will step out of the line. >> do you teach your guys and women how to disarm. >> yes, yes and we're probably going to get more in depth on that at this point. we hold separate disarm course is. we have one coming up on the 26th. we have a bouncer course coming up on the 25th, weekend of the 25th, a two decors. we are going to ramp up our
8:22 am
efforts to make sure that the clubs that send their people to us don't see this. we already took measures. it is already a probability. >> good to see you. >> we will talk to you again. >> i'll be around. >> we have not only for nightclubs but these other venues, churches, movie theaters chris teen, having no security at the autograph session. not your typical monologues they get serious, pointed word of jimmy fallon, conn on o'brien, and first though this. remembering a rising star from south jersey, friends, family and entire community honor cristina grimmie but that is not all a major star is helping to see a family in their time have need.
8:23 am
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new pennsylvania law requires children under age two to be strapped into a rear facing child safety seat. it is in the back seat. governor tom wolf signed the legislation design to improve child safety. law takes effect in two months. you have two months. police will issue verbal warnings for first year but after that it will cost you 250 bucks if you do not do it right. 8:26. we are continuing to celebrate army's birthday this morning. so jen is celebrate nothing a major way. she's repelling down the side of the building. the look at them getting ready. >> thinks a live shot. they are on our roof. >> i don't know if i could do this, but jen will. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
8:27 am
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8:30. there are new questions, this morning, surrounding orlando gunman omar mateen's sexuality. 's reportedly attended pulse nightclub several times before the attack and according to pulse patrons they did see mateen there drinking, arguing and talking about his family. one specific patron said mateen message him on and off for about a year before the the shooting using a dating app called jack. that patron claimed they saw each other the night of the shooting and even said hello to one another. he was driving around 1:00 a.m. and saw mateen crossing the street and said hey, mateen turn back and looked at him and said hi. fbi said they are reviewing these accounts and in the clear if his visit served as efforts to stop the target or if he was a patron of the club
8:31 am
and even new york magazine has a new article saying one of his police academy classmates, is now saying, that he knows that the gunman was gay and even came on to him back at the academy. >> that is right. >> other patrons said he had been going there maybe up to three years, and had been in there 15 to 20 times over the years, sometimes sit by himself and drink, other times we get really drunk and get belligerent. >> yelling about how much he hated his family. every day we learn more, sue. >> what a mess. >> none of it good. >> nope. here's what is good, the weather is good today. it was on this day in 1777 that the continental congress adopted the flag of the united states. it is a flag day. it is ten out of ten. bus stop buddy is celebrating with temperatures in the 60's. off to a nice start today with a temperature in philadelphia of 63 degrees. humidity still on the low side, we will get to a high of
8:32 am
80 later on. sunset not until 8:31. ideal weather day. we will tell you how long this will last when we bring you seven day forecast coming up. checking traffic we have one big giant back up to show you here, it is i-95 southbound right around allegheny avenue. folks driving into that sun there lots of volume as we head into the city, mike and alex this morning. >> 8:32. looking for something fun to to with the kids and wanted to have that fun for free, listen to quincy. >> if it is free, it is for me. you can get the kid bowling for free. >> yes, we have bunch of kid right here. do you guys love bowling. >> yes. >> they love bowling. we have dave, the owner at thunderbird lanes here in the the greater north east. kid are free what do we have to do to bring our kid in here. >> great program just go to our web site t-bird all one word, click the link on the page and sign their kid up for age three to 15. they get two free games of
8:33 am
bowling all summer long and all they have to do is pay for shoes. they can come in, there is a family pass available. they can come. the parent can come bowl with their kids during the summer as well. >> you are saying until august. >> it is from may to august 31st. >> this is a good deal. >> great deal, 14 million kid registered nationwide in this program. >> this is ninth year. >> this is ninth year we have participated. we have 3,000 kid registered in this bowling center so it is great for them to bowl all summer. the it the is awesome. >> other participating lanes, doing this as well, erie lane. we have south bowl. i will compete against this young lady right here. >> kate. >> how old are you. >> four. >> we will battle. i don't know if i can beat her >> she will be tough. >> i like her strategy, okay. >> you have to steve it a
8:34 am
little bit. >> this may be the first competition that i actually win. one second. hold on. we will throw it down there. i didn't want to do that to kate. we have a couple. >> this young lady just split against me. wow. >> what is your name. >> julianne. >> how old are you. >> eight. >> you are really good bowler as you can see. >> yes. >> of course, i am. >> bring your kids on down, thunderbird lanes, all summer long. >> all summer long. go to t-bird and register right on the link there and kids bowl freely good we appreciate you. >> dave, say hello to scott as well. >> this is i great thing for your kids. i'm bringing my kids. >> grab a ball, i'll give you $100 if you can get a strike. you have to go to the lane
8:35 am
with all ten pins on it. >> $100. >> hold on. >> mike, mike jerrick is giving out money. are we we reset. >> here's a reset. >> where is the 12. >> i need the 12. >> hold on. >> hold this for me. >> get out of the way girl, i have got money. >> and i mean a strike. >> it looked so promising too. >> he hit in the pocket but he hit the pocket straight on, that was the problem. >> okay. >> i'll be back this summer and make it better. >> nice job.
8:36 am
we have an result sound job, somebody call maury, a daddies shocked by what he sees, he says that is not my baby, in fact i cannot see a thing on that scan, have we blurred that out too much. i think i know what a fetus looks like on the scan. i won't be shock.
8:37 am
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8:39. well, does the life of marlton native and singing sensation cristina grimmie, remembered as hundreds gathered in her home town for that vigil. >> the 22-year old you tube sensation and also a final list on the the voice, she was gun down after a concert in orlando, it was on friday night, during a meet and greet. at last night's vigil though in our area in south jersey cristina's family and friend they reflect on the life of the aspiring star including her brother, who took down the
8:40 am
gun man. >> she loved this town. she loved the state. she loved singing. she loved the lord. she loved me. >> when you lose a shining star that was 22 years old who had her entire life ahead of her and living her dream because she work so hard for it the. it is devastate to go all of us. >> cristina's funeral will be held in medford, at fellowship alliance, chapel. her church. >> yes. >> adam le vine cristina's coach from the voice has offered to pay for her funeral according to the web site. levin personally called her mother and said wow pay for arrangements and plane ticket, memorial, grimmie finish third on the voice, during season six and le vine said he was devastated and heart broken by the loss. >> of course. >> all right. it is 241. >> 241 years. >> i'm talking about the army, that is how long army has been around the united states. >> do you think that is how long jen will spend at the top of the building since she's
8:41 am
not nervous. >> how is it going. >> it is going great. bring them down. you guys know this is a little different then how i repelled before but i have the other, the sma, and the chef, which one of these guys can help me the most, we will not sure. that is amazing.
8:42 am
8:43 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪
8:44 am
all right. we borrowed weekend wendy as we look at the blue skies over the pocono mountains this morning, cammal back looking fabulous this morning. reason we borrowed weekend wendy is because of the flag day events that are happening and as you you where to see with jen the celebration of the anniversary of the united states army, so 10:00 o'clock we will start with the flag raising at betsy ross house and then go down to the constitution center, is there the army parade that is happening and another flag raising at independent hall, just down the mall, at 10:45. then you head into independent mall or right there anyway for noon, the sky divers, parachute folks, diving right into independent mall. they have great weather. and then closing ceremonies.
8:45 am
all this happening in olde city where our nation began. 80 degrees today. eighty-five tomorrow. next chance of rain is on thursday, possibly sneak nothing to friday morning and then on saturday it looks pretty nice with a high in the lower 80's, should be okay, at least so far so good for fathers day, alex. >> thanks, sue. today it is so far so good because there will be a big celebration, stars and stripes celebration, celebrating the army and flag's birthday. constitution center there, big ceremony, that will happen later this morning. and jen, you are the party captain, it is official. >> i am the party captain, good morning. good morning. the sergeant major of the army good morning to you. >> good morning. >> the under secretary of the army. >> hi, jen. >> and the cook. >> the cook. >> you got to have a cook. >> let's send one of them down. >> come on down. >> explain to us why it is important to see this, you are a civilian it looks great but what is it that they are
8:46 am
training for when they do this. >> repelling gives our soldiers a unique set of skills. you see a building here too but gives them capability to do this out of the helicopter or side of the cliff and gives our ability to traverse, high altitudes, have entry capability that is unlike any other from helicopter to the top of the building and this builds our confidence in their ability to be able to do this in combat. >> were you afraid. >> i said i was than the afraid, but first time i jump out of the airplane. if you were not afraid then is there something wrong with you. you have that courage. and character. you are doing it the for guy to the left and right and do your job good people know you as a politician but we know you were an instructor at west point, yes. >> yes. >> you served our country. >> yes. >> when you look at these guys, that has got to make you happy. >> these guys are all from the 101st airborne division, best divisions in the all of the army. my uncle served with the 101st
8:47 am
in vietnam. to repel with these guys today and with you, it will be awesome. >> so you brought the snack. >> you get me talking going down. he will not help you. i have got sergeant major of the army. >> this is a tease. >> it is a team and the varsity team. >> yes. >> you were out there, i have to say. >> when they said, i have done it higher floors but softer set up. this is more real deal. >> what is a softer set up. >> pull the rope through. >> they do it for you. >> here you have to work for yourself. >> no camera tricks. >> why is it important for you to be here. >> well, for me to support men and women in uniform we travel a lot throughout the year. i support the secretary and sergeant major and a lot of things. we forget, unless there is
8:48 am
some tragedy that our men and women around the world are serving every day. they put on the cloth of the nation. we have to remember that. i know they are trying to bridge that gap and saying listen they are doing this every day in the just when something happens. >> that is important. >> that is why we are supportive of these things. if there was something that was going to go wrong we have the philadelphia fire department here. >> that is right, philly's finest right here. >> you asked them to catch me. they said in. but i do fall they can fix my boo-boo. >> they can fix you but just pay attention with the 101 airborne tell what you to do and you will than fine. >> listen to them. >> you are with the experts, we like to say we're from the government, there is nothing to worry about. >> thank you so much. >> i'm glad you wore your tight t-shirt. >> we show everybody your boo-boo. >> i would worried about jumping off the top of the building. >> i'm fine. >> i got the government.
8:49 am
>> you have got the other government. >> we will see how this goes in the 9:00 o'clock hour. >> we have all of the confident in the world that is why we have an ambulance. >> do you want to be rich, wealthy beyond your dreams. we have some insitu bring you closer, the five things that wealthy people do that you should start doing. >> recent survey conduct by u.s. trust explored common success traits of the wealthy americans across all generations. the results taken from 700 people with at least three million-dollar in investable assets suggest majority of them had basic values and discipline shaped by family and they were middle class rather than growing up privileged. experts say this could be proof that the american dream ace live and well. >> so what are those things that they have in common. >> if they came from family they have been discipline and they are middle class. is that five. >> i don't know. >> there is only three. >> maybe four. >> so start disciplining your
8:50 am
family right now. >> i want to know because would i like to be wealthy. >> too late for me. >> it is. >> yes. >> because you are have. >> that is in the true. >> 8:50. >> every friday through july between the second you know what we're doing, get in the car and -- >> we fit in that little car. graphic is misleading. >> so from 7:00 to 10:00 we will be in the great north east cottman and frankford avenue is the exact location, that would be in mayfair. >> but of course you could win a car, so you can win a brand new mazda cx9 click that red banner there enter to win here click on that, put your information in, do this once every 24 hours and then, once a week, always on friday at our location so northeast philadelphia will be doing this with you, we will pick our finally, here on our shows for the next several weeks. >> um-hmm. >> we will quakertown, wildwood, wilmington, haddonfield but it will all finish up at the dell in east fairmount park where we will give away this new car july
8:51 am
between the second. >> perfect. >> this guy has an ultrasound surprised. he is shock by what he sees when he looks at the scan. behind that blur is a fetus. in the shame have of a... well, it is very weird.
8:52 am
you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours. you know what it means. so does pat toomey. toomey got rich working on wall street. then he got elected and kept working, for wall street. voting to let banks continue their risky practices. and supporting huge tax breaks for millionaires, but higher taxes on working families. no wonder he's gotten millions from wall street. pat toomey. right for wall street. wrong for pennsylvania. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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8:54 am
army getting ready to repel off our building at fourth and market, they will be doing this for an hour if you want to watch them do it and jen will try it, later on. >> yes. >> six before nine. one expecting father shock by his wife's ultrasound. >> what he saw on the monitor, well, he could not believe.
8:55 am
lets take a look. the dad to be, his name is something, posted this ultrasound picture on reddit and said my wife is pregnant with the sports car. >> that does look like a car. >> wow, it does. >> do you see the roof there. >> you can see it absolutely looks like a car. >> people have been playing instead of the mid life crisis, a mid wife crisis, he is in a mid wife chrysler. >> good one. >> so, they have an explanation now, apparently the child was conceived in the back of a chevy. >> yes. >> i looked into this. >> um-hmm. >> it was a chevy. >> is that what the baby is comfortable in. >> yes. >> i would have suggested a mazda cx9. >> cx9. >> a lot of room, suv. >> it is a brand new car. we have in the seen the car in its flesh. >> all right. >> metal and full glory. >> apparently they will have a
8:56 am
boy, there was a stick shift. >> thank you. >> i was waiting for it. >> yes. >> four minutes before 9:00, does your child throw etan trum when you tell them it is time to clean your room? well, it may not be a bad thing to have a messy room, new research. >> when it comes tour clothes are you washing them too much. surprising number of times you should be throwing your clothes in the washer.
8:57 am
8:58 am
after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it's something you earn. brookside. talk about delicious.
8:59 am
we are celebrating the army's birth the day by repelling down the side of our building, this is impressive, that is a hardness and rope and his gloves. wow. jen will do it later.
9:00 am
robert irvine will do it too. >> are you up for it. >> no thanks. >> hi lauren. >> before you head out on your summer road trip, listen to this. honestly, what do you have in the trunk of your car? i don't have any of these things. i don't have a trunk. the five things you need in your trunk. we will show you a trunk, and it is packed with the five things that you should in the leave your home without. actually, there is about 15. but we only have sometime for some. >> when you tell your kid to clean your room why it is a good idea to keep it messy. not your typical mono log funny guys ovulate night get serious about orlando, pointed ward of jimmy fallon, stephen colbert and conan o'brien. >> yes, quite poignant from all three. >> there are more than 100 victims you know this past weekend's massacre in orlando,


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